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Founded in 1887, the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA|DC) is a not-for-profit professional association representing over 2,500 architects, allied professionals, and architectural enthusiasts. The Chapter was intimately involved in the design and planning of Washington, DC and it continues to play an active role in the city’s development today. AIA|DC advances the value of architecture for our members, our profession, and our community. As such, we deliver high-quality programming including continuing education, construction tours, design lectures, awards programs, community design services, and award-winning publications.

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Why Join?

Receive online continuing-education (CE) transcript, over 100 high-quality education programs annually, including 30 free Lunchtime Learning sessions, DesignDC, Intern Development Program (IDP), Mentoring Program, access to more than 14 AIA|DC committees, ArchitectureDC and ARCHITECT magazines.

Take advantage of your member discount when you attend education programs, lectures and tours. Track what you’ve learned in AIA Continuation System (CES). Enjoy 30% off AIA Contract Documents. Receive insurance and benefits programs for your business and family through The AIA Trust.

Membership in AIA|DC is about community, education, passion, and a commitment to elevating design— making our city a better place. With a network of more than 2,500 of Washington’s top design professionals your membership is the perfect way to exchange innovative ideas, gain inspiration, support the profession, or expand your business.

Become an AIA Member

Review the membership categories below and select the option that best describes you.


ARCHITECT (U.S. License)


Architect membership is open to individuals with an architectural license from a U.S. licensing authority.

Government Employees: Individuals with an architectural license from a U.S. licensing authority who are also employed by the Federal Government receive a $100.00 discount off AIA|DC Chapter dues.  New members:  Click here to download the application. 

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Individuals who have an architecture license or equivalent from a non-U.S. licensing authority are eligible for International Associate membership.




Associate membership is open to individuals who meet one of the following criteria: hold a professional degree in architecture; currently work under the supervision of an architect; currently enrolled in the Intern Development Program (IDP) and working toward licensure; or faculty member in a university program in architecture.

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RECENT GRADUATE (or not yet licensed)


Associate membership is open to recent graduates with a NAAB-accredited and non-NAAB degree in architecture within approximately the past 1-18 months.

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ARCHITECT (Non-U.S. License)


Individuals who have an architecture license or equivalent from a non-U.S. licensing authority are eligible for International Associate Membership

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Emeritus membership is open to any AIA or Assoc. AIA member who has maintained membership for 15 successive years immediately prior to application, is 70 or old and has retired from the profession of architecture, or incapacitated and unable to work in the profession. If you meet these requirements, please contact Melody Harrison.




Unassigned membership is a supplemental available to any Architect member with current membership in good standing in an assigned Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Unassigned members receive all the benefits of AIA|DC Chapter membership except voting rights.


DAC Membership 


Love architecture? Become a DAC Friend and enjoy a year of events, tours, special discounts, publications, and programs that cater to all ages. Explore Washington on one of our walking tours, go behind the scenes at a construction tour, learn about architecture at a monthly children’s program and support The Washington Architectural Foundation.

Memberships run on a calendar year, with annual renewals due on December 31. If you are a first-time member joining during the months of January through September, you are considered a member of the current year. If you are a first time member joining in October through December, you are considered a member for the next calendar year (renewing members are not affected). Your membership benefits will start immediately. Full payment is required when you submit your membership application.

Individuals who have an architecture license or equivalent, and eligible for AIA or Assoc. AIA membership, please click here.

Friends of DAC are only recognized at the Chapter level.

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