Speed Mentoring, Round 2!

Back by popular demand, a night of speed mentoring will take place again, this time in person at the District Architecture Center.

What is Speed Mentoring? Speed Mentoring is like speed dating, but replace the regret and awkward silences with wisdom, opportunity, and a fresh perspective on your career and our industry. The evening is an efficient way to exchange strategies of success in the design profession.

This event provides networking opportunities for all architects, facilitating interaction across multiple professional levels. Attendees will meet in small groups with professional mentors of all levels in four 15-minute sessions for informal discussions.

When registering please provide preference for a role, either a mentor, a mentee, colleague, or either.

Learning Objectives:

  • Meet architects at different stages in life and gain perspective on career choices and approaches.
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills.
  • Learn what it takes to be an effective mentor.
  • Discover how to articulate your goals as a mentee.

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