Exhibition Opening- Adrienne Moumin: In Another Life

Join us to celebrate the opening of our latest exhibition, Adrienne Moumin: In Another Life.

With this exhibition, artist Adrienne Moumin presents a collection of her works that display her unique style of photo collage. Geometric abstraction through repetition of images is key to Moumin's approach, as she endeavors to create optical effects in her pieces that vary with distance and perspective. Throughout the creation of her collages, which are all 100% handcrafted, Moumin strives to create drama. She employs her photographic medium to generate captivating images that appear as though they were computer generated, rather than meticulously forged by hand. Many of these collages are reimagined conceptualizations of simple structures, such as light fixtures, doorways, and arches.

Meet the artist and take time to examine each unique piece, and read each image caption to discover the real-life structure behind every collage. Drinks and light hors d’oeuvres will be served.

This exhibition is organized by the District Architecture Center in collaboration with Adrienne Moumin for the Suman Sorg Gallery.

Photo Credit

Time Warner Center, courtesy of the artist.