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AIA|DC On Demand Education

Lunchtime Learning: Fluid Applied Roofing Systems
1.0 HSW|LU

Performance Precast Concrete Enclosure Systems
1.0 HSW|LU

Energy Star 101: Navigating Building Energy Performance Standards
1.5 HSW|LU

Lunchtime Learning: Meeting LEED v4 Acoustical Requirements for Schools
1.0 HSW|LU

Lunchtime Learning: The Importance of Quality Detailing
1.0 HSW|LU

Discovering Art Deco DC
1.5 LUs

Wellness: How Design can Reduce Stress and Anxiety
1.5 HSW|LUs

Book Talk: Native Places with Frank Harmon
1.0 LU

Building a ‘Common Ground’ through Public-Private Partnerships
1.5 LUs

Lunchtime Learning: Merging Architecture and Landscape Design
1.0 LU

Lunchtime Learning: Designing With Polymer Windows and Doors 
1.0 HSW|LU

Lunchtime Learning: An Architect’s Guide to Designing for Natural Gas 
1.0 HSW|LU

DC Energy and Green Code Updates 
1.0 LU

AIAU has over 150 courses, including courses such as:

Building for Resilience: Challenges, Advantages, and Strategies
1.5 HSW|LUs
Green Construction Code: Setting the Minimum Standards for Indoor Environmental Quality
1.25 HSW|LUs
Innovative Stormwater Management in the Nation's Capital
1.25 HSW|LUs
Designing for the Future: Incorporating the Passive House Standard
1.5 HSW|LUs
Climate Ready DC: The District’s Climate Adaptation & Preparedness Plan
1.0 HSW|LU
Green Construction Code: Setting the Minimum Standards for Indoor Environmental Quality
1.25 HSW|LUs
Counting Up, Another Way of Getting to Netzero
1.5 HSW|LUs

We are proud to partner with Sherwin-Williams to offer you the following courses:

Color and Design Courses
Colormix 2018
Universal Design for Independent Living
White: The Mother of All Colors
No Shrinking Violets
Singing the Blues
Seeing Red
How Do Cultures Influence Color?
Color, Light, & Metamerism

Paint and Coating Courses
Advanced Coatings Technology and the Sustainability Movement
Advanced Coatings for Healthcare Facilities
Prepare: Preparation Methods of Concrete Substrates for the Application of Architectural and Decorative Finishes
Protect: Concrete Coatings That Protect & Improve The Appearance of the Substrate
Paint 101: Paint and Coatings Technology
Paint 201: High Performance Coatings
Beautify: Decorative Concrete Opportunities and Techniques
Polish: Polished Concrete Installation & Densification Process
Thin Film Intumescent Coating Fire Protection
Welcome Coating Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
LEED v4: Product Declarations, Emissions, and Impact on Paint and Coatings
Paint 101: Fundamentals of Architectural Paints and Coating Technology

Visit Sherwin-Williams University online for the full list of courses.

Courses presented by Floodproofing.com + Smart Vent

Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance

Traditional Building Conference Series

Online Courses

Webinars from the Financial Planning Group
Strategize for a Confident Retirement
On the 4th Wednesday of each month at 12:00 Noon