In 2016, NCARB began the transitioning the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) from 4.0 to 5.0.  Candidates who received their test-taking eligibility before November 1, 2016 can make the choice of taking either exam until June 30, 2018.  Candidates who received their eligibility after that date must take 5.0.

Because the new test is so different from previous iterations, we wanted to make sure that our candidates had the best tools available for taking the exam. This is why we decided to partner with Black Spectacles which is an online education portal offering 40 hours of content related to ARE, far more than AIA|DC could provide in-house.

While we were offering the option of signing up through the chapter (and using its discount), Black Spectacles has changed its procedures so that we can only offer it to groups of 10 or more. If you can pull together 9 of your friends, contact Mary Fitch, and we will make that happen!

If you are studying on your own, fear not. You can go directly to Black Spectacles and sign up yourself.

Additional Resources: The ARE Guide Library is always available. Interested in supplementing your ARE studies? Renting a subject set costs $25.00 for Assoc. AIA Members, or $35.00 for non-members, for an entire month of use. The ARE 5 Review Manual by PPI is also available. Call the District Architecture Center to reserve your copy.

Questions? Contact Mary Fitch at or 202-347-9403