In Your Face Clash Coordination in Revit

  • Date

    Wednesday, October 18 2017

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As technology evolves, projects are requiring a high level of building information modelling (BIM); and coordination is essential to a deliver a successful BIM project. During this session, Andy Schrader, LEED AP, will discuss a coordination process that highlights the clashed elements in BIM models by isolating the element IDs from Navisworks reports or Interference check report Revit views. Participants will learn how this can be done by the BIM managers, bypassing the need to search for ID numbers, wrestle with reports, or have users struggle with additional software.

Presented by: Andy Schrader, LEED AP

Organized by: AIA|DC Technology Committee

Sponsored by: Microdesk and WSP

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Set up project parameters, create filters, view templates, and schedules to identify the “clashed” elements;
  • Utilize filters for control of visibility of these elements;
  • Utilize Revit Add-in Rushforth Tools to import Element Ids from an excel file as well as using Clash Detective within Revit; and
  • Apply clash view templates to discipline views for immediate results of elements clashed.