Webinar- A Virtual Roundtable with VR Industry Leaders

  • Date

    Thursday, October 29 2020

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  • Location


Virtual Reality has changed the way architects and designers collaborate and communicate their designs internally with project teams as well as externally with clients and stakeholders. However the move to remote working has drastically and suddenly changed the way we work. Does VR have a place in the changing ways we are working? How can VR help bring us together in a hybrid work environment?

We have invited leaders in the VR for AEC industry to share with us their
thoughts about the value of VR in AEC and their predictions about the future
of virtual reality for collaboration and design. Our panelists will share how
their companies have responded to current times and whether their product
roadmaps have been affected by the prevalence of Work From Home.

Presented by: 

Hilmar Gunnarsson, Founder & CEO and Johan Hanegraaf, VP of Product, Arkio
Jan-Maarten Heuff, Director, SpaceForm
Gabe Paez, Founder & CEO, The Wild
Shane Scranton, Cofounder and CEO, IrisVR
Angel Say, CEO, Resolve

Organized by:  AIA|DC Technology Committee

Sponsored by: SmithGroup

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities to take advantage of virtual reality within the design and construction process;

  • Explain the advantages of virtual reality as a collaborative design tool and a presentation tool;

  • Discuss the implications and benefits of working and meeting in virtual spaces; and

  • Discuss hardware/software options currently available and the advantages of utilizing different methods in the design process.