Webinar- Lunchtime Learning: The History of Italian Design

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    Wednesday, July 29 2020

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This webinar will discuss the history of Italian design and its evolution through the manufacture and materials research and development, covering 86 year of Italian design, from the first cabinet, the “Numero Uno”, to Zaha Hadid Design, from Achille Castiglioni to Hiroomi Tahara, through the historical development that changed our lifestyle. Also highlighted will be the evolution and trends of materials and finishes, technological evolutions and use of precious raw materials, their selection and transformation, as well as a discussion of high end Italian brands and their connections with the territory, a new generation replacing the old and the CNC artisan.

Presented by: Matteo Crippa, Key Account Manager & Training Manager, Boffi | De Padova 

After graduating from Milan’s Politecnico in 2006, Matteo worked in New York as a project manager for 3 years in the Boffi flagship store, Boffi Soho. He then moved to Miami assisting Luminaire (former Boffi dealer) with the showroom and project management in 2010, finally returning to Italy in the beginning of 2011, where he started as a customer service manager in the Boffi Headquarters of Lentate Sul Seveso near Como supporting the Boffi worldwide showroom network. He is now a training manager, offering technical consultations to all our showrooms projects, stretching from kitchens to bathrooms, systems and lighting products and developing and hosting our training sessions.

Sponsored by: Boffi

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the history and changes of Italian cabinet design history;

  • Discuss the the history and changes of Italian upholstered furniture;

  • Summarize American and foreign influence on Italian design over the years; and

  • Identify finishes and production of high end materials in the furniture industry.