Webinar- Lunchtime Learning: Demystifying Insurance

  • Date

    Friday, September 18 2020

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  • Location


The legacy and success of your business depends on you staying in business. We will discuss why you need insurance to run your business for long term success. This session will explore the different types liabilities, while providing examples of how these coverages can impact design firms.

Sponsored by: Ames & Gough

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss professional liability and why this is the most important insurance you can buy to protect your firm;

  • Describe claim examples that impacted architecture firms and how insurance played a crucial role in those claims. (What happened, why and how the claim was resolved.);

  • Explore and discuss general liability, what it is, and why architects need the coverage; and

  • Discuss cyber liability, a new coverage for design firms, providing examples of what is happening to other firms (e.g., being hacked) and why you should be aware of it.