Webinar- Lunchtime Learning: An Architect’s Guide to Designing for Natural Gas

  • Date

    Wednesday, July 22 2020

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The course will focus on Washington Gas’ design requirement and configurations for Distributed Meter Bank Inside (DMBI) and Distributed Meter Room (DMR). Attendees will be provided with in-depth information on Washington Gas’ space, clearance, and safety requirement when installing gas equipment inside of a building.

Sponsored by: Washington Gas

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand safety and clearance requirements when designing a building to use natural gas;

  • Understand limitations when installing natural gas equipment inside of a multifamily dwelling;

  • Understand regulator safety requirement and proper ventilation; and

  • Understand safe meter location placements, clearances and ventilations requirements for gas installation within a building.