Webinar- Lunchtime Learning: 3D Scanning As It Applies to the AEC Industry

  • Date

    Friday, July 10 2020

  • Time


  • Location


BluEdge will be providing a 3D Scanning presentation. The presentation will begin with a conceptual framework aimed at guiding the audience from the big picture of 3D Scanning and moving into real world AEC case studies. Attendees will learn about the benefits for architects and engineers of capturing real-world conditions, and how other architects (both locally and nationally) are using this technology (reducing costs, greater accuracy, etc…). Everyone in attendance will be able to hold witness scanning and post-processing in real-time, along with ability to ask any questions they may have.

Presented by: Arthur Young Spivey, Creative Director of Technology, BluEdge

Arthur is versed in many of the various aspects of 3D software, 3D printing/rapid prototyping, 3D scanning and how this applies to different industries. Having consulted with medical, architectural, product design and engineering firms, he has helped to facilitate how they can bring their visions into the real world. Trained in the tradition of Rowena Reed Kostellow at Pratt Institute, Arthur's approach to design is always from a form and function point of view: The engineering of a well-designed product is an integral part and should always be taken into account as part of the process.

Sponsored by: BluEdge

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how 3D scanning can drive the design process;
  • Describe how other industry members are using this technology;
  • Describe post-processing practices of the technology; and
  • Identify ways in which the technology can help us adapt to a post-Covid world.