Webinar - 2020 Small Firm Showcase

  • Date

    Tuesday, July 21 2020

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  • Location


Emerging Professionals from four local small firms: EL Studio, BELL Architects, Grizform Design, and Suzane Reatig Architecture will give Pecha Kucha style presentations on the work their firm does, the firm culture and what makes them unique.  This is a first in series of events that the EAC will put on focusing on highlighting the work of the DC region's small firms. This session will be held virtually on Zoom.

The presenters have been given the following prompts, but are free to curate their own presentations:

1. Firm Introduction

a. When and why was the firm started?

b. How is your firm unique? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

c. What kind(s) of work does your firm focus on/is best known for?

d. How many employees currently work at the firm?

e. How do you describe the firm's atmosphere?

f. Achievements - Is there any one that has meant the most to the firm?

2. Firm Location

a. Why Blagden Alley/Naylor Court/ Mount Vernon/Shaw?

b. How does your location impact firm culture?

c. Does your location affect your work? Vice versa?

3. Resilience and Looking Ahead

a. How does your size make you adaptable?

b. How are you thinking about the future?

c. Are you taking on different kinds of projects because of recent events?

4. Can you share a project that you think adequately describes your firm’s ethos?

Presented by: EL Studio, BELL Architects, Grizform Design, Suzane Reatig Architecture

Organized by: AIA|DC Emerging Architects Committee and the Design Excellence Committee

Sponsored by: Syska Hennessy Group

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify impacts of firm location on community, firm culture, and project typologies;

  • Identify key attributes and qualities in a firm’s project and how they reflect on that firm’s ethos;

  • Explore strategies in firm adaptability as they relate to people and to projects; and

  • Explore resiliency patterns in small firms, specifically how firms are able to thrive in a challenging economic environment.