Tour: Ridge Place

  • Date

    Wednesday, April 17 2019

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  • Location

    Ridge Place

Ridge Place was conceived as an urban oasis to calm and elevate the urban row house typology. Instead of the typical two-unit townhouse where units are stacked, Ridge Place separates and spreads the units across the site and connects them with open space via a shared passageway, a common feature of the pre-1870 residences in the area. 

As a departure from the typical row house design of Washington DC, eight individual residences across four lots were created, all of which integrate to make a shared, communal courtyard. The tranquil outdoor space not only offers respite from city life but serves as a gathering space for residents to mingle.

The project offers luxuries that are typically considered rare in city living: double-height spaces, access to semi-private and private outdoor spaces, double exposures, cross ventilation, ample natural light throughout the interiors and private roof decks for all units.

While the concept of our row houses is unique, the architecture and materials remain compatible with the neighborhood. Tiger wood siding throughout the project references wooden historic two-story townhouses on Ridge Street, yet it provides a unique identity for the residences.

Using this less-is-more economy of form, materials and landscape unites the project with the neighborhood and creates a simple, nuanced approach to urban dwelling.

Presented by: Nooni Reatig, AIA - Suzane Reatig Architecture

Organized by: Suzane Reatig Architecture

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the challenges of re-imagining a building with a modern twist among a neighborhood of historic buildings;
  • Explore how elements of the building include the tiger wood siding helps integrate the project into the fabric of the neighborhood;
  • Explain the theory behind expanding from the traditional two-unit row house to create the 8 unit residence at Ridge; and
  • Describe the advantages of creating a communal outdoor space for residents to share.