Tour: Legacy West End

This adaptive-reuse project, located in the upscale West End neighborhood, was designed by MTFA Design and Preservation who transformed an outdated office building into high-end multifamily housing. In addition to improvements to the existing building, three floors were added to its top and a 9-story addition was added on the adjacent vacant lot. The new building includes 195,000 square feet of new luxury apartments and 10,500 square feet of fashionable ground floor retail, resulting in a design that connects comfort and convenience.

This building features first-class amenities in a sought-after neighborhood. The project used bonus density and integrated zoning to optimize land utilization and market value. With housing shortages across the city, attendees will discover how underperforming buildings can be repurposed to enhance the urban environment, how building construction methods are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, and how design responds to local socioeconomic demographics.

Presented by: Brian Vassallo, AIA and Michael Foster, FAIA of MTFA Architecture

Organized by: MTFA Architecture and Legacy West End

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the design process of transforming an outdated office building into high-end multifamily housing;
  • Explore the challenges of merging new space with an existing building to ensure cohesiveness between commercial and residential zones;
  • Explain the environmentally friendly building construction methods used to update these buildings; and
  • Identify and explore the socioeconomic aspects that were considered and applied before constructing these housing units.

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