Storytelling and Design: Haunted Houses

Does your young person love to read and use their imagination to make up stories of their own? Do they also love to build and create with their hands? If you’ve answered yes, then our storytelling and design program is perfect for your young person!

This is where the world of architecture and design will meet the art of storytelling! Reinforcing their knowledge of one of the essential elements of a story; setting. Setting is the time and place of where a story takes place. The setting helps to provide a foundation and background for other elements and events of a story.

In this session, we will focus on Haunted Houses. Your young person will hear about 4 real-life short stories about haunted houses, and how the setting helps to tell the story behind its architectural style. They will then design their own haunted house using the architectural styles they’ve learned and create a short story.

In celebration of the season, we invite young people to come dressed in costumes from their favorite spooky stories. This program is recommended for students in grades 3 through 5.