Spirit of Place: Mythic Modern - The Architecture of Travis Price, FAIA

Architect, author, professor, and philosopher Travis Price, FAIA, will present a visually stunning session that addresses modern architecture informed by ecology, technology, and mythology--an architecture that restores the Spirit of Place to modern design. With over four decades of groundbreaking design experience, Price inspires to reach beyond preconceived limitations and expected conclusions about sacred and profane architecture. His design vision is grounded in real-life success with large-scale AIA-award-winning private and public works, including the world’s largest solar building for the Tennessee Valley Authority. He has planned new towns and designed an array of unique individual residences, commercial properties, and institutional monuments. He coined the term “passive solar” with his early green architectural works in New Mexico, and installed the first wind machine in Manhattan which initiated the Public Utilities Regulation Policy Act allowing co-generation of wind and solar energy with public utilities. Since 1975, he has a litany of design awards within the U.S. and abroad.

Speaker: Travis Price, FAIA

In concert with the Catholic University of America as adjunct professor, Travis Price founded and directs the nonprofit Spirit of Place – Spirit of Design. Travis is featured in numerous films, radio broadcasts, TV programs, and international publications. Price’s education, like his work, spans philosophy and architecture. He holds a B.A. in Western Philosophy from St. John’s College and a combined Masters of Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of New Mexico. He was elevated to Fellow of the American Institute of Architecture for his unique contributions to the field of architecture. Price is a contributing editor to National Geographic Traveler Magazine.

Organized by: AIA|DC Fellows Public Program Committee 

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Illustrate broad College of Fellow’s program goals to recognize achievements of the Architect as an individual, but also honor before the public and the profession a model Architect who has made a significant contribution to architecture and society;

  • Address how modern architecture can be informed by ecology, technology and mythology through design that restores the Spirit of Place;

  • Explore a quest that mirrors the  collective search for meaning and authenticity in the rapidly changing modern world; and

  • Learn how design can embody authentic modernist space that is uniquely informed by cultural heritage and nature.