Revealed: Humayun’s Tomb

Join us for a glimpse at one of India’s most treasured landmarks: Humayun’s Tomb.

Completed in 1570, the building of Humayun’s Tomb has inspired many theories. For some, it stands as a testament of a queen’s love for her king and to others it is a son’s memorial to his father. To many, it is an ambitious emperor’s statement of the empire. This film illustrates the captivating story of this architectural marvel and presents a fascinating story on the life of the Mughal emperor Humayun and his dynasty.

This film was produced by the Discovery Channel in partnership with Archaeological Survey of India and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

This program is presented in association with Transforming Cities, Transforming Lives: The Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme on view through March 29, 2019.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the design challenges associated with restoring a building that is centuries old;
  • Describe the process and strategies of preserving a historically important world heritage site;
  • Explore the benefits to the surrounding community by the addition of green spaces used to help in the restoration process; and
  • Describe the positive effects a city can experience after the rejuvenation of a major historically significant site.