Poplar Grove Open House

  • Date

    Saturday, September 10 2022

  • Time

    4:00pm - 6:00pm

  • Location

    Poplar Grove

Come see Poplar Grove, one of DC’s healthiest houses.

Built in Adelaide Alley SE, Poplar Grove is clad in bark and cork, and features BamCore bamboo panels, sheep's wool insulation, exposed poplar wood structure, and no drywall. During this event, Jack Becker and Andrew Linn will discuss the design and construction of this unique house.

Organized by:

bld.us—Founded in 2013, Anacostia-based architecture studio bld.us makes healthy buildings throughout the Mid-Atlantic region that pay tribute to their context and gain integrity as they age. bld.us seeks opportunities in economies—of scale, scope, density, means and materials, and integrates traditional construction methods with new technologies and organic materials ideally suited to their region. In Appalachia, that means wood, bark, cork, wool mycelium, willow, hemp, bamboo and stone to create an architecture of accommodation.

Presented by:

Jack Becker, AIA, Founder & Principal, bld.us

Andrew Linn, Founder & Principal, bld.us

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare affordable and accessible alternative building materials that are healthy for people and sustainable for the planet;
  • Describe the fundamentals of a passive house and explain how the HVAC systems work together to provide fresh conditioned air with as little energy input as possible;
  • Summarize the current situation regarding the densification of DC generally, the development of SE DC alley parcels specifically, and the history of those parcels as stick frame housing;
  • Identify the local historical precedents that influenced the design of Poplar Grove and investigate the sources of materials of those buildings.