In-person Winery Tour: RdV Vineyards

  • Date

    Thursday, November 17 2022

  • Time

    3:00pm - 4:30pm

  • Location

    RdV Vineyards

Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour with Andrew Lewis, Partner at Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects and Joshua Grainer, Technical Director and Winemaker at RdV Vineyards.

Discover the RdV story, and the creation of this award-winning winery building. Explore in detail the building’s distinct character and three wings used for winemaking, wine bottling, and wine tasting. From top to bottom, experience the light-filled Silo Hall, production spaces, and underground barrel storage cave. Throughout the tour, Lewis and Grainer will discuss how the architecture complements RdV’s winemaking philosophy. In addition to the tour, attendees will be treated to a limited wine tasting courtesy of RdV Vineyards.

Organized by the Washington Architectural Foundation with special thanks to Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects and RdV Vineyards, this program is presented in association with Happy Hour Architecture, on view at the District Architecture Center through January 25, 2023.

This tour is limited to 15 attendees. Due to limited onsite parking, registrants with guests are encouraged to carpool.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the renaissance and growth of winemaking in Virginia and how revised winemaking practices have improved quality.
  • Describe how RdV Vineyard’s winemaking and vineyard philosophy informed specific requirements in site selection and terroir.
  • Explain how the building layout facilitates RdV Vineyard’s winemaking, storage, and bottling protocols while supporting and entertaining visitors.
  • Summarize how building materials, scaling, and architectural forms resonate with the local agricultural vernacular.

Organized by:

Washington Architectural Foundation with Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects and RdV Vineyards


Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects has championed the artistry and craftsmanship of traditional architecture for over twenty-five years. From offices in Washington, DC and Middleburg, Virginia, their projects are located throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Design commissions include wineries and equestrian facilities, large estates and smaller houses in both rural and urban settings, historic building restorations, and significant period structure additions.

RdV Vineyards is located at Delaplane in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It began, as so many epic adventures do, with a dream. To create an iconic American wine, and in a place where it had never been done before. Our wine is neither Napa nor Bordeaux, but very much our own—and as remarkable and distinct as the land on which it was produced. In every bottle is the story of our terroir, our commitment to the painstaking art of winemaking, and the distillation of our life’s work.

Presented by:

Andrew Lewis, AIA

Partner, Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects


Joshua Grainer

Technical Director and Winemaker, RdV Vineyards