OFOI: The Influence of Design on Protest + Riot + Insurrection - Webinar

  • Date

    Thursday, April 8 2021

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Our Forum, Our Impact seeks to continue this series by discussing how protests have steadily increased in the past few years within the US.  An outcry for change has led to the amplification of differing opinions via protests, riots, and insurrection, both physically and across digital media. Protests are meant to be disruptors of the built environment. Are we meant to defend and protect these spaces or amplify and provide space for activism?

Moderated by: Howard Mack, Professor at Morgan State University


Bryan Lee  Jr, AIA, Founder/Principal at Colloqate Design 

R. Steven Lewis, FAIA, NOMAC, LEED AP, Principal at ZGF Architects, President at Thinking Leadership

Charles Person, Author of Buses Are a Comin’: Memoir of a Freedom Rider

In this discussion, we aim to answer the following questions:

  • As changemakers, what roles do designers play in protest?
  • How do we design for protest? Rioting? Insurrection? 
  • What are the differences between those terms, and how do they relate to the design process?  
  • Should we design for those events?
  • Should every project be an act of protest?
  • Should protest projects be temporary? Permanent?
  • How can we design to amplify the voices of civic activism and the surrounding community?
  • How, then, is design protest?