Lunchtime Learning: Zoning Pitfalls in the District - How to Avoid Common Headaches and Missteps

This course will present DC zoning from the context of the Zoning Issues Checklist. What are the critical items you cannot afford to miss? Where are the potential pitfalls? What and where are the helpful resources behind the checklist items? This presentation will include discussions of permissible uses, zoning area elements, and the more complex zoning issues such as inclusionary zoning, penthouses, and record lots vs tax lots. This course will also touch on some of the basic “non-zoning” land use issues which you need to know to avoid major pitfalls, including HPRB and CFA jurisdiction (and pending jurisdictions!), the Height Act, BRLs, Chimneys, Snow Load, and Heritage Trees. The objective is to provide the basic framework for avoiding missteps or omissions, so that you are free to focus on design.

Presented by: Sullivan & Barros, LLP

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss and identify major zoning issues such as permissible uses and zoning area elements;
  • Explain and clarify complex zoning issues such as inclusionary zoning, penthouses, and record lots vs tax lots;
  • Describe basic “non-zoning” including issues such as HPRB and CFA jurisdiction and the Height Act; and
  • Discuss where to find helpful resources to explore and solve specific zoning issues for your projects.