Lunchtime Learning: Wood: A Contemporary Look at an Ancient Material (by Zitturi) - Webinar

  • Date

    Wednesday, March 3 2021

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This program will explore the use of wood in varied residential settings demonstrating how its application promotes sustainable, healthy and vibrant living spaces. Participants will learn about the various species/grains/finishes and the benefits of each, as well as important design aspects to consider and best practices to use for installation. The presentation will provide a contemporary look at the use of wood and how this ancient material improves our modern lifestyle.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss various wood materials and how they contribute to a sustainable and healthy living space.
  • Explain design aspects to consider for a vibrant and safe living area.
  • Understand best practices for installation that promote safety and style.
  • Describe features and options of wood systems including integrating hardware and glass to help address safety and maintenance concerns.