Lunchtime Learning: Tightening the Envelope – Air Sealing (by AeroBarrier) - Webinar

  • Date

    Wednesday, June 30 2021

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Codes are getting stricter and customer expectations are growing when it comes to the topic of reducing air leakage. Tightening the Envelope - Air Sealing, is a course that introduces practitioners to the importance of air sealing as well as the benefits & challenges of air sealing from design, to completion, and occupancy. This course is intended for anyone who is involved in new construction and redevelopment projects. This includes Architects, Specifiers, Design Professionals, Building Envelope Consultants, Energy Efficiency Consultants, Owners, Contractors, and anyone who wants to meet specific standards such as LEED, Passive House, NetZero, Energy Star, etc.

Learning Objectives:

  • Practitioners will understand the variables of air sealing, and the course will help them plan and design an air sealing strategy for future projects.
  • Practitioners will understand the benefits of air sealing, from the design phase to completion and occupancy.
  • Learners will understand the importance of air sealing, new construction and redevelopments,  as well as the building science variables that impact air leakage.
  • Practitioners will learn about a new automated air sealing technology.