Lunchtime Learning: Sound Abatement of Fenestration Products (by INTUS Windows) - Webinar

  • Date

    Friday, February 19 2021

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This presentation will focus on sound: what it is, how it's measured, it’s sources, and how it affects human health and well-being. We will outline the differences between STC v. OITC – the way sound transmission performance is rated. Fenestration solutions and specifications will be discussed in a comparative analysis, and we’ll review scientific and medical studies on chronic sound exposure. Project case studies will be reviewed with a focus on creative fenestration solutions to meet enhanced sound abatement criteria.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn what sound is, how it's measured, and how it's rated.
  2. Understand the health risks of chronic exposure, safe noise levels for living and work environments, and the sources of sound.
  3. Learn the difference between fenestration materials, including double, triple, and laminated windows, and compare their sound abatement qualities.
  4. Review case studies of effective fenestrations for sound insulation in areas with high levels of noise.



Jeff Nail has been a Business Development Executive for INTUS Windows for two years, covering the DC, MD, VA markets. With an established history of sales and operations management, Jeff was drawn to INTUS by the company culture, innovative products, diverse workforce, and environmental consciousness.