Lunchtime Learning: New Construction Technologies on Historic Preservation Projects

The construction industry is embracing technology at a very fast pace, from using cloud-based project management software to laser scanning and BIM technology for trade coordination to CNC-controlled robots for milling architectural elements out of base materials. This lecture will provide an overview of the various technologies that are being used on preservation construction sites. While some of these technologies are decades old (like GPR and laser ablation), their efficient use on construction sites has not been affordable until now. Using these technologies during the design and construction phases to problem-solve preservation issues, anticipate and mitigate loss to historic fabric, and accelerate production methods, are all strategies to restore buildings to the highest quality possible. Using Grunley’s project portfolio as case studies, this presentation will discuss the pros and cons of each technology, how to create synergies between the different technologies, and lessons learned from each project.

This lecture will be given by two Grunley Construction employees: Constance Lai, the Manager of Historic Preservation Services, and Moez Jaffer, the Vice President of Technology. Both Constance and Moez work closely with the pre-construction and construction departments to integrate the newest technologies onto their projects.

Presented by: Constance Lai, Manager of Historic Preservation Services - Grunley Construction & Moez Jaffer, Vice President of Technology - Grunley Construction

Sponsored by: Grunley Construction

After attending this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the differences between basic terminology and acronyms used in the construction technology realm;
  • Explore the type of technologies that are currently being used on construction sites;
  • Describe how these technologies are being used to preserve historic buildings; and
  • Discuss and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of technology when being used on historic structures.