Lunchtime Learning: Lessons Learned: Hot Topics in Steel Construction (by the American Institute of Steel Construction) - Webinar

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    Wednesday, May 5 2021

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This course discusses the new innovations and techniques that exist in the structural steel industry and how they can be applied to express designs, overcome client serviceability, and address safety concerns, while optimizing budget and schedule. Learn about sustainable and efficient framing systems, methods, and practices that make steel the material of choice for any project, no matter the size, shape or end use.

About the Speaker:

Stacy Chu is the Structural Steel Specialist representing the American Institute of Steel Construction in the DC Metro and Baltimore areas. Prior to joining AISC, she worked as a structural engineer for 6 years in Houston, also branching into marketing and business development. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Illustrate the domestic structural steel industry’s environmentally conscious supply chain which utilizes clean, efficient processes to create structural steel shapes with primarily recycled material.
  • Describe how architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) can be specified in the contract documents to both showcases the beauty of steel and support the required loading conditions.
  • Discuss how prefabricated, modular, and SpeedCore systems improve efficiency, reduce schedule and increase overall safety by moving construction processes to a controlled environment offsite.
  • Explore the concept of thermal bridging and explain how structural steel systems can overcome air quality and user comfort concerns by reducing heat loss, condensation, and material degradation across the building envelope.