Lunchtime Learning: Hot Date with Steel: Fire Protection

Structures framed with structural steel, wood and concrete can all experience a building fire. The combination of steel’s non-combustibility and effective fire protection methods to minimize loss has resulted in steel buildings being recognized for their superior performance in fires. This program provides an introductory overview of fire protection for structural steel buildings so that attendees can make better informed decisions about protecting structures from fire. 

Presented by: Stacy Chu, AISC  

Stacy Chu is the Structural Steel Specialist representing the American Institute of Steel Construction in the DC Metro and Baltimore areas.  Previous to her role at AISC, she practiced structural engineering in Houston, Texas. And yes, she wore her Houston Astros jersey during the World Series  


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the different roles that the architect, structural engineer, and fire protection engineers play in designing fire protection for steel structures;
  • Compare the behavior of wood, concrete, and steel structures in the presence of fire;

  • Identify important code allowances in fire protection designs;

  • Compare and contrast the pros and cons of sprinklers, spray-applied fire resistive materials, gypsum board, intumescent coatings and cementitious materials for structural steel frames; and

  • Describe performance-based design, its applicability to structural steel framing systems and identify examples of its efficiencies in design.

Sponsored by:  The American Institute of Steel Construction