Lunchtime Learning: Elevator Modernization Technology & Elevator Raise up Projects

Many office buildings in the Washington, DC area are adding rooftop amenities, and elevator modernization is rapidly changing with newer technology to match this demand. This presentation will outline new ways for existing buildings to incorporate new technology such as gearless replacement motors, energy-efficient regenerative drives, and Destination Dispatching touchscreens.

Presented by: Michael Blades & Associates, LTD

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and identify major elevator systems in commercial buildings;
  • Discuss newer elevator modernization techniques including, geared to gearless conversions, MRL technology, hydraulic to MRL conversions, energy efficient improvements, cab Interiors. and raise up conversions;
  • Explore and address the impact of modernization timing and schedules; and
  • Describe elevator raise up techniques including occupied buildings, existing machine raise up, and MRL technology raise up.