Lunchtime Learning: Digital Trends Influencing Architecture

Our communities and culture are rapidly transforming to integrate a digital dimension to the ways we live, work, and play.  There is now growing anticipation that the buildings and environments we design similarly leverage this digital transformation and become more responsive and adaptable to its occupants.  By leveraging, first, technology we implement into buildings, and second, integration between these systems, the occupant experience can be enhanced with respect to mobility, comfort, security, efficiency, and responsiveness.  New technologies are additionally proving to reduce demand for space, materials, and energy consumption by parting ways from traditional design and product methodologies.

Sponsored by: Arup

Presented by: Chris Taylor, Arup

Chris Taylor is an Associate and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Consultant in Arup’s Washington, DC office. Chris is an expert in the design and review of structured cabling systems, networking equipment, and wireless access systems, including Wi-Fi and cellular services. Chris’s primary focus for clients is to develop technology systems strategies that align and promote the business and operational goals of the organization in enhancing their success and the user experience.