Lunchtime Learning: Biophilic Illusions (by Sky Factory)

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    Wednesday, December 16 2020

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In this course, we explore our instinctive attraction and connection to nature, identified as Biophilia. We explore the ways that our lives are dependently and beneficially intertwined with nature. 

We review the research documenting the positive outcomes of natural environments on human health. We explore the 14 patterns of Biophilic Design and how integrating nature’s attributes into architecture enlivens biophilic engagement. 

Optical illusions, bi-sensory illusions of nature, and research on sky illusions will be examined in relation to architectural design. Finally, we explore the framework, mechanics, and outcomes for health of generating Cognitive Biophilia.

Following this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define the Biophilia Hypothesis, as well as discuss its bio-evolutionary origins. 
  2. Summarize the benefits of natural environments on performance and wellness.
  3. Outline the positive outcomes of daylight and panoramic views to nature in healthcare design. 
  4. Discuss the purpose and the main tenets of Biophilic Design, as well as its predominant patterns and features.
  5. Explain how optical illusions, set within an architectural context, alter our perception of enclosed interiors.
  6. Discuss the history and application of architectural design illusions.
  7. Explain the cognitive principles involved in illusory perception and the associated health benefits for a range of occupants, including patients.

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