Lunchtime Learning: Automation and Robotics - supporting & transforming the future of operating complex building assets

  • Date

    Friday, December 09 2022

  • Time

    12:00pm - 1:00pm

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St. Onge Company is an applied industrial engineering company with over 38 years of experience designing manufacturing, distribution and ecommerce fulfillment operations. Our team’s focus is to advance the capabilities of our clients through process design and the application of automation. We have an intimate understanding of lean methodologies and applied/cutting edge technologies (world-wide applied knowledge base).

Our presentation will profile:
1. The labor environment
2. The industrial automation trends and robotics overview
3. Emerging technologies thoughts & predictions

The labor availability is challenging today and, with demographic trends, will only get worse. Facility design will need to evolve to leverage physical movement automated systems enhance operational efficiency by reducing/eliminating menial, non-value-added tasks and redeploying staff toward higher value-added human touch tasks. Technology advancements are moving quickly with some compounding others. Our team will share perspectives informed by advanced industry knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the current labor challenges, the future demographic trends and the implications of building design and the operations.
  • Understand the advancement of automation technology in industry and recognize how this will translate to facility design to enhance operational efficiency and to improve operational efficiency by reducing/eliminating menial, low value-added tasks
  • Understand how automation can enable better use of human capital.
  • Appreciate the potential of emerging technologies and their implications to transform operational tasks.

Presented by:

Sean O'Neill headshot

Sean O'Neill

Sean O’Neill is a Senior Principal at St. Onge Company, leading the Life Science Supply Chain Service Practice. With over 20 years of success creating world-class manufacturing and distribution operations designs for Fortune 500 clients, Sean looked to leverage proven industrial engineering and LEAN design processes and approaches in the healthcare field. Under his leadership, his team has successfully applied operations research, automation, and applied industrial engineering and business case methodology to world-class hospitals. The practice has grown to include the application of design principles to support design and optimization of new hospitals, as well at the optimization of existing operations. Sean strives to ensure that his team serves the client’s best interest by creating highly innovative and effective solutions, which exceed expectations.

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