Leadership Committee Meeting

  • Date

    Tuesday, July 27 2021

  • Time

    5:00pm - 6:00pm

  • Location


The AIA|DC Leadership and Empowerment for Architects and Designers Committee (LEAD) provides leadership training for architects in the middle of their careers. We encourage practicing architects to overcome career plateaus by offering content that expands traditional firm based training and encourages discussion on topics paving the way in the profession.

The vision of the committee is to make mentorship a key benefit of AIA membership for architects in the middle of their careers.

The committee has three primary goals:

  • Curate the DAC Leadership Series based on current trends and chapter driven requested content for our audience of mid-career architects
  • Offer leadership training that might not be available within the traditional firm structure for designers looking to further develop their skills and expand their resources
  • Continue connections between the AIA|DC Board, the Emerging Architects Committee and the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program to promote individual career growth and mentorship
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