Joint Call to Action to Promote Healthy Communities: Networking Event

    The Joint Call to Action to Promote Healthy Communities recognizes holistic design for health can be achieved through the collaboration of the members of eight signatory organizations: American Institute of Architects, American Planning Association, American Public Health Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of Landscape Architects, National Recreation and Park Association, U.S. Green Building Council, and Urban Land Institute.

    These organizations are committed to developing professional partnerships to solve complex health challenges in our built environment. Through the Joint Call to Action to Promote Healthy Communities, the signatories are calling upon their members to:

    • Build relationships - create and foster partnerships that advance health;
    • Establish health goals - build an understanding of health data and establish measurable health objectives for plans and projects;
    • Implement strategies to improve health - advance policies, programs and systems that promote community health, well-being and equity; and
    • Share expertise - communicate the importance of health.

    This networking event will provide a unique opportunity for members of these eight organizations’ local and national chapters to begin forming relationships and utilizing their resources to promote healthy communities together. The event will encourage cross-sector communication and allow participants to better understand the health goals and strategies of disciplines outside of their immediate profession.