In/Visible Borders Competition Showcase & Discussion

The winning entry and finalists of the 2018 AIA|DC In/Visible Borders Competition will be displayed and discussed. The competition focused on the 2018 theme of spatial equity, asking the following questions:

• How can design as a medium leverage and transform borders to unify spaces while at the same time maintaining identity, diversity, security, and sense of place?

•How does the design process vary, and how can it be reimagined with respect to borders, at multiple  scales, and what impacts would this have on the community at large?

•When do borders contribute to spatial equity and when do they harm these pursuits? How can design reinforce or weaken these affects, respectively?

Presented by: AIA|DC Urban Design Committee

After attending the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss innovative design solutions in regard to physical and abstract borders;
  • Describe how architects, urban designers, and other city-engaged citizens are approaching complex issues today;
  • Identify issues and solutions surrounding spatial equity in cities; and
  • Discuss how civic and physical borders effect the lives of citizens that live in towns and cities around the world.