A Holistic Approach to Windows in Sustainable Design

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    Thursday, December 10 2020

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Sustainability is a diverse and ever-changing subject, and one that is growing in importance. One key to making progress on the sustainability of our building infrastructure is to consider all materials and products. This presentation addresses the role of windows in sustainable design, covers how buildings use energy and how efficient windows properly integrated in the design can improve building performance and indoor environmental quality. We take a holistic approach to sustainability beyond the end product, and look at factors such as lifecycle impacts of manufacturing and embodied carbon. We explore occupant wellbeing in terms of indoor air quality, biophilia etc. And understand how windows contribute to some of the top green building programs such as LEED, WELL, Net Zero to name a few.

When you complete this course, you will know more about:

1. Evaluating window performance based on a number of factors
2. Comparing and evaluating the importance of material sourcing and manufacturing practices
3. Considering occupant wellbeing in window selection
4. Understanding the importance of window contributions in green building programs