Goal Setting Workshop

  • Date

    Tuesday, July 23 2019

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In this small group, two-hour, interactive workshop session you will learn how to successfully set goals for your career and personal growth.

Applicable to those operating within a corporate professional development structure, as well as those going at it alone, this workshop will include:

1. The theory of goal setting - what is a goal and how do you set it?
2. Self-knowledge - why achieving goals is an individual journey
3. Goal identification - moving beyond hopes and wishes
4. Stumbling blocks - why we need to anticipate what will get in the way
5. Activation and accountability - getting started... and keeping going!
6. Each participant will work on their own goals setting skills and leave the session with at least one documented goal and plan to achieve it.

There is a modest amount of pre-work recommended to gain full benefit from the session.  That will be shared on July 8th to allow plenty of time for completion.

Presented by: Joanna Hoffschneider

Presenter Bio:

Joanna Hoffschneider, ALEP, founded Resolute Consulting LLC to combine her first career in teaching and training with her second in marketing and business development for A/E/C arms. Joanna has always enjoyed bringing order and focus to the business world around her, providing the space for people to leverage their strengths and expertise.

Joanna has a reputation for incisive analysis and respectful candor. She is known for her ability to hear the signal through the noise, pulling out relevant and impactful threads from the wealth of information provided by stakeholders. These skills benefit both individuals and organizations, applied at different scales.

Organizational engagements provide strategic support and focus for organizational leadership, and support special projects, addressing a specific identified need. Individual engagements include one-to-one coaching, customized for the individual but always specific and forward-facing, and group coaching, addressing themes through custom curricula.

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and identify individual goals and a path to achieving them;
  • Discuss and apply strategies for maintaining accountability as it relates to the personal and professional goals that have been established;
  • Explore and create a plan to help anticipate challenges and navigate roadblocks in anticipated personal and professional growth; and
  • Discuss and inquire about future development and succession of the strategies discussed for goal setting and accountability.