Film and Panel Discussion: Spatial Equity in DC

The Urban Design Committee is hosting their second annual film screening and panel discussion at the African American Civil War Musuem. This year the subject focuses around our 2018 theme of spatial equity. The goal of this panel will be to expound on questions of how development can be better encouraged to provide equitable needs for communities – and particularly, discourage displacement. We believe the answers to questions surrounding gentrification are not as simple as preventing new development. We believe investment is not only a necessary change but argue that new development can improve the lives of residents that inhabit those areas today and do not need to come at their expense. 
Chocolate City by Ellie Walton and Sam Wild will be screened. View the trailer

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Provoke questions of how urban development engages with issues of spatial equity;

  • Establish a dialogue about the future of the city from a range of perspectives;

  • Challenge the embedded assumptions of obsolete city-making; and

  • Describe how city-making principles that prioritize humans can be applied to DC