The Evolution of the American City Through Multifamily Design

As one of the region’s leading residential firms, SK+I will share and discuss projects that highlight the evolution of multi-family and mixed-use design. Participants will hear about process, place-making, typologies, emerging technologies, innovative housing design, community building capacity, and the ever-evolving dialogue between Design and Real Estate Development.

Presented by: Meral Iskir, FAIA

Meral Iskir, FAIA earned her undergraduate degree in Turkey. She was the first and only woman in her Master’s degree program at Catholic University’s School of Architecture and Planning. A decade later, she became the first woman associate of a 30-year-old, 100-employee architecture and urban design firm. In four years, she became the firm’s first woman partner. In 1999, she co-founded SK+I, an architecture firm that reflects the diverse urban sensibilities of the neighborhoods where she builds.

Today, Meral manages an exemplary practice of architects from nearly 20 countries, representing more than 30 cities worldwide. In harmony with the diverse neighborhoods she serves, she fosters an inclusive, multicultural workplace culture for the next generation of practitioners. Seventy percent of her senior managers first studied architecture outside the U.S. and have since become registered architects and AIA members.

Organized by: The Catholic University of America, School of Architecture and Planning

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe design and construction processes of multi-family houses and how they meet the needs of their owners and contribute to their environs;
  • Explore ways that traditional multi-family houses shape American cities;
  • Explain and study the dynamic relationship between housing design and emerging technologies;
  • Explore and examine the role and impact of multi-family and mixed-use design in building communities.

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