DC Designers for City Nature Challenge: Urban Nature Exploration on the National Mall

The City Nature Challenge brings together cities around the globe in a friendly competition to observe and identify the most biodiversity in their communities while tapping the greatest network of local volunteers. More than 160 cities in 30 countries worldwide will participate in this two-part challenge over 10 days, and the data they collect will give scientists valuable information on the biodiversity of our region – and the planet. In 2018, DC finished 5th.

Join forces with AIA|DC’s Urban Design and Design + Wellbeing Committees, along with the ASLA Potomac Chapter, for a pair of educational and fun events to support Team DC.

Using our unique skills as architects, urban designers, and landscape architects, help DC win the top prize in 2019! Bragging rights will ensue.

A local expert will discuss the importance of biodiversity in urban environments and share insights on the plants and wildlife that easily go unnoticed in our city. We’ll give a brief introduction to the iNaturalist app, and then teams will set out to make as many observations as they can in.

An informal social event will follow. The event is open to people of all ages and experience. Bring your well-charged mobile device and download the iNaturalist app beforehand to maximize your search time.

Presented by: AIA|DC Urban Design & Design + Wellbeing Committees
Co-Sponsored by: ASLA Potomac Chapter

Please Note: Meeting location will be the northern steps outside the museum facing the mall.

Part two of the city challenge:

For more information about the City Nature Challenge, click here.
For more information about the DC City Nature Challenge, click here.
For more information about iNaturalist app, click here.

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of biodiversity, not only in the wild but also in cities;
  • Explore the different functions that wild and cultivated organisms play in urban ecology;

  • Discuss how to become a more careful observer of plants and animals in urban places; and

  • Explain the impact of nature on the quality and character of urban places.