DACkids Summer Camp

Does your child love buildings – drawing houses, building structures, designing a pillow fort? Architecture is one of the most exciting fields that not only uses all of the STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) but also encourages creative thinking through art and design skills.

Our 5-day summer camp will help children explore the environment, both built and natural, through hands-on activities, including drawing, photography, model building and at least one field trip within walking distance of the District Architecture Center.  Great for ages 8-13.

Camp takes place from 9AM - 3PM each day.

Please note: parents must pack a lunch and two snacks (one for morning and one for afternoon) for their child. These items must not require refrigeration or a microwave and must not include peanut butter or soda. Parents will also need to show ID when picking up a child. DAC does not have a medical professional on staff. If the participating child requires emergency medical care and parents cannot be reached, Staff will contact the individual(s) listed on the registration form. Those individuals have permission to make decisions regarding the daily care and medical care of the participating child, including permission to pick up the child(ren) from the program at any time. In the event of the program’s inability to locate parents, or the emergency contact designee(s), staff will take such emergency measures as they deem appropriate until such time as emergency contact designee or parent can be located.

Note: By registering for this event, you grant permission for AIA|DC, the District Architecture Center, and/or the Washington Architectural Foundation to publish photos of your child related to the event.