DAC Leadership Series: Fostering Collective Advancement

  • Date

    Thursday, September 08 2022

  • Time

    12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Volatile global conditions cast shadows of uncertainty across the future horizon. As problem solvers and facilitators, architects and designers are well-positioned to assemble diverse groups to lead through these challenges. Next generation leaders activate others to realize their full potential and significantly invest in future collective impact.

Successful leaders create environments in which individuals want and can contribute their best to achieve a common goal. Leaders advance effective collaboration by clarifying purpose, developing people, and refining processes to advance the collective good. Leaders foster a culture in which diverse groups work together to accomplish exceptional outcomes together.

Presented by:

Heather Pierce, MBA, SHRM-SCP

Associate Principal, LS3P

With comprehensive HR experience, Heather Pierce contributes significant leadership in the AEC industry. Her expertise in Human Resources theory and project management advances integrated team development. In pursuit of autonomy and impact, Heather invests deeply in the success of others. With a balanced approach, she navigates complex situations with ease. Where others see challenges, Heather envisions the possibilities that might be realized. Committed to maximizing potential, she positions others for success and strengthens the value of the team.


Megan Bowles, AIA

Principal, LS3P

As a leader, Megan Bowles focuses on continuous improvement of processes, including professional development opportunities, project delivery, and market sector growth. Megan sparks purpose and amplifies momentum.  She leads with vision, empathy, and gratitude. Utilizing her career in design, Megan envisions space where people are excited to experiment with the alignment of purpose and process, looking to develop great leaders, and to work better together.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how clear purpose, empowered people, and aligned process contribute to collective advancement.
  • Identify unique techniques to facilitate collaboration within a diverse group.
  • Describe examples from leadership case studies in architecture and other industries to strengthen design practice.
  • Develop strategies to foster collective initiatives in which individuals continue to grow and contribute their best work.

Organized by:

AIA|DC ACEL Committee

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