CRAN: Design is Personal - Interior Spaces with Cabinetry

  • Date

    Thursday, January 30 2020

  • Time


  • Location

    ABW Appliances

Understanding Design Ergonomics + Design Thinking = Design Minded Outcome

This course looks at combining form/functionality (cabinetry layout by room) with ergonomics which meets health, safety and welfare for all human beings.

Presented by: Steve Varricchio, Sales Representative III, American Woodmark

Organized by: AIA Potomac Valley CRAN Committee for the Capital Area CRAN (Custom Residential Architects Network)

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand design ergonomics with regards to residential cabinetry;

  • Understand design thinking with cabinetry;

  • Compare the health and safety benefits of combining ergonomics with design thinking to yield the best possible outcome; and

  • Produce cabinetry design Ideas with specific room layouts and functionality for residential applications.