City Nature Challenge 2021

  • Date

    Friday, April 30 2021-Monday, May 03 2021

  • Time

    Multi-day event.

  • Location

    Your Home

The City Nature Challenge is an international global citizen science event that brings together cities around the globe in a friendly competition to observe and identify the biodiversity in their communities. The event focus on urban areas to promote the idea that one does not need to leave the city to connect with nature. This year, we will be exploring local parks, backyards, and neighborhoods to observe wild plants and animals that share our environment.

Join the AIA|DC Urban Design Committee (UD|DC) in collaboration with the ASLA Potomac Chapter and Capital Nature, as we use our unique skills as architects, urban designers, and landscape architects, to compete with more than 240 cities in 30 countries as we represent the Washington DC Metro Area and help the scientists get valuable data on the biodiversity of our region – and the planet. 

For more information about the City Nature Challenge and how to participate safely during COVID-19, click here.

For more information about the DC City Nature Challenge, click here

So what is iNaturalist?

iNaturalist is an app where you can ​record​ what you see in nature, ​meet​ other nature lovers, and ​learn​ about the natural world.”

For information on how to get started on the iNaturalist app, click here or watch the following 1 1/2 min. video, click here.

Steps to use the iNaturalist app:

Step 1: Download the App and create a user account at

Step 2: Join a Project by navigating to the Project tab and join DC Area Designers CNC2021

Step 3: Find Wildlife by spotting and observing plant and animal life in and around your home environment or neighborhood.

Step 4: Share Your Observation with fellow observers and scientists by posting photos on the app.

Step 5: Help Identify Observations by ID-ing what citizen scientists like you discovered!

Additional resource: Check out the “Resources” section on the City Nature Challenge – Washington DC Metro Area website for additional information, click here.

Interactive Map

Organized by: AIA|DC Urban Design Committee; Potomac Chapter ASLA; Capital Nature; and City Nature Challenge-DC

By participating, you will:

  • Learn to use the free iNaturalist app.
  • Get a chance to observe the amazing plants and animals that live in the Washington DC metropolitan area.
  • Learn how to identify wild plant and animals species.
  • Share observations with a community of citizen scientists around the world.
  • Help scientists collect valuable information about urban biodiversity.
  • Help Washington DC metro area compete in the City Nature Challenge!