CANCELED: Lunchtime Learning: Digital Trends Influencing Architecture

Join AIA|DC and Arup as they examine the ways new digital technologies are reshaping the built environment. Arup’s Chris Taylor will discuss how today’s digital trends and the Internet of Things are amplifying demands in connectivity and communications, thereby altering the design and operation of buildings. In addition, he will explore the best ways to harness emerging technologies to promote innovation and improve building occupant experience. 

Presented by: Chris Taylor, Associate, ITC Consultant - Arup

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and identify key trends in technology that are influencing architecture and the occupants of buildings;
  • Explain and understand what is meant by ‘Internet of Things’ and why it is important to the design of modern buildings;
  • Discuss and learn how to integrate a digital dimension into architectural planning and ensure the future viability of a building and enhance the occupant experience; and
  • Explore the impact of divers such as wireless technology and other issues such as how new technologies can support the sustainability initiative.