Built to Scale

  • Date

    Wednesday, June 08 2016-Friday, September 16 2016

  • Time

    Multi-day event.

  • Location

    District Architecture Center

The Built to Scale exhibition has been extended through September 16!

Built to Scale celebrates the power of scale models and the important role models play in the creative and technical development of design projects.

Scale models are communicative tools in three-dimension that give designers the power to experiment, solve problems, and help clients imagine a design. Despite advances in computer modelling software, which renders the scale model outdated for some designers, the traditional—physical—scale model remains a tested instrument in the design process.

More than loose freehand sketches, intricate technical drawings, or sleek computer renderings, the maquette or scale model serves as an excellent representation that bridges the gap between spatial idea and spatial construct. Simply stated, scale models are unique to the culture of design as small informative objects with big exciting ideas.

The exhibition features over 30 study and presentation models selected by a small jury of AIA|DC Board members. Models represent working projects, completed projects, and theoretical projects. Traditional and non-traditional materials were used to craft the models.

Models are represented by Andy Blackmore, Azalia Mothamed, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners, Christopher Wallace, David M. Schwarz Architects, DP Conrad Architect, E/L Studio, Fentress Architects, Hannah Tsimmerman, Heba Bella, Hickok Cole Architects, Hsin-Yen (Emily) Lin, Kurt West, McInturff Architects, Michael Bollino, Michael Vann, Michael Winstanley Architects & Planners, Olivia Morgan, Peter Noonan, SmithGroupJJR, Studio Twenty Seven Architecture, Walt Geiger Studio with MG2 Corporation, Wiedemann Architects, LLC, William Arevalo, William Sullivan, and ZGF Architects.



Model selections juried by AIA|DC Board Members:

  • Douglas Palladino, AIA
  • William Spack, AIA

Organized by AIA|DC for the Sorg Gallery.


Made possible with generous support by ABC Imaging.

ABC Imaging

Additional support provided by Graphisoft; exhibition designed and modeled using ArchiCAD19.