Architecture Everywhere: Coast to Coast: Carol Highsmith's America - Webinar

  • Date

    Wednesday, June 30 2021

  • Time

    6:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Location


Join us for a photographic journey across the United States with Carol Highsmith, America’s Photographer. In her career spanning more than 40 years, Highsmith has captured countless details in all 50 states, including historic landmarks, landscapes, and scenes of everyday life. In this presentation, she will share her architectural impressions of the American landscape: coastal communities of New England, plantations in the deep South, prairie houses of the Mid-West, ghost towns along the Rockies, and more. Along the way, she will complement photographs with memorable stories experienced on her extraordinary journeys.

Presented by: 

Carol Highsmith

Carol M. Highsmith — American photographer, author, and publisher

Carol Highsmith, who started her photography career in the Willard Hotel in 1980, has been traveling roads across America for the past 41 years documenting our country for her collection at the Library of Congress. Highsmith calls herself a visual documentarian, and her collection is alongside the images of Dorothea Lange, Mathew Brady, and Edward Curtis. She also has a publishing company and her work has been featured in more than 50 books. Explore her photographic work here.

Organized by: Washington Architectural Foundation 

This program is part of Architecture Everywhere, a monthly series exploring how architecture comes to life in unexpected ways through other arts and humanities disciplines. Join us each month as we focus on a new theme or topic. Guest speakers present a visual talk, followed by creative exchange with the audience. 

Learning Objectives: 

· Explore architecture through the lens of photography.

· Discover historic landmarks, landscapes, and scenes of everyday life across 50 states.

· Identify vernacular buildings and house styles by region.

· Describe how architectural photography can tell stories and evoke feelings.