America's Civic Stage: A Vision to Celebrate Pennsylvania Avenue

  • Date

    Tuesday, June 29 2021

  • Time

    12:00pm - 1:30pm

  • Location


It was an unprecedented year. The COVID-19 pandemic and sociopolitical changes transformed public spaces and reprioritized them for people of all backgrounds. Pennsylvania Avenue, one of the most symbolic public spaces in the country, can capitalize on this momentum through a new vision as an inclusive civic stage for the city and nation. As downtown Washington recovers and reinvests in public spaces to make them more inviting, this is the place for people to gather, celebrate, and reconnect in a way only experienced in the nation’s capital.

Join an expert panel to hear their big ideas on how to transform the avenue between the White House and U.S. Capitol into a celebratory and inclusive space for all Americans. The multidisciplinary panel will discuss the following topics:

  • Transforming the Avenue into a one-of-a-kind daily experience for Washingtonians and visitors.
  • Using better design to elevate the Avenue’s civic role as a place for democratic expression in the lives of Americans.
  • Positioning the Avenue to showcase the best of our nation’s arts, culture, and entertainment through spectacular events.
  • Leveraging economic strategies and partnerships to make these ideas a reality.

This event is the beginning of a public conversation on a new vision for Pennsylvania Avenue. Additional meetings will be held in late 2021 and into 2022 to gain public input and feedback on potential ideas for the Avenue’s future.


Moderator: Cathleen McGuigan, Editor-in-Chief, Architectural Record

This meeting will be conducted online using Zoom. You will need to RSVP and include your email address. An invitation to join the meeting will be sent to you prior to the meeting. You may use the Zoom invitation to join online or by phone.