AIA|DC Town Hall: The Push for DC Statehood - Webinar

  • Date

    Thursday, May 13 2021

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Washington, DC is the only national capital in the world whose residents do not have the same representation and voting rights as citizens in the rest of the country. Although DC is home to more licensed architects than 22 states, with more licensed architects per capita than any state, those living and working here lack a voice on national issues like infrastructure, climate change, and affordable housing.

On February 9th, 2021, the AIA|DC Board voted unanimously to support DC statehood. How does the lack of statehood impact residents? Why is the push for DC statehood gaining traction? What would DC statehood mean for architects and those working in related professions? How can architects become advocates for statehood? In this round table discussion, we’ll pose these and other questions to a panel of architects, experts, and Statehood advocates.

Brian Forehand, AIA – AIA|DC Advocacy Committee

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton - DC Delegate, US House of Representatives
Chris Myers Asch - co-author of Chocolate City
Andrew Trueblood - Director, DC Office of Planning
Anne Anderson - Chair, Full Rights Committee, DC League of Women Voters
Kristopher Takács, AIA - President, AIA|DC

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain why statehood is important for architects in DC.
  • List the legal implications of DC becoming a state. 
  • Discuss why the push for DC statehood is gaining traction. 
  • Detail the ways architects can get involved in the push for DC statehood.