2024 Chapter Design Awards Call for Entries

  • Date

    Tuesday, February 13 2024-Monday, March 11 2024

  • Time

    Multi-day event.

2024 AIA|DC Chapter Design Awards Jury

Anne Marie Duval-Decker, FAIA, Duvall Decker, Jackson, MS
Erin Sterling Lewis, FAIA, Open Studio Design, Raleigh, NC
Dina Griffin, FAIA, Interactive Design Architects, Chicago IL
Sara Grant, AIA, MBB Architects, New York, NY
Hans Butzer, FAIA, Butzer Architects and Urbanism, Oklahoma City, OK


The Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA|DC) Design Awards Program recognizes excellence in the categories of architecture, interior architecture, historic resources, and urban design/master planning. The program not only demonstrates the value of good design, but also illustrates the wide variety of services performed by architects. It is conducted independent of other awards programs sponsored by the Institute and other AIA components.


The program is open to all registered architects. The architect submitting a project must be a member though not necessarily the head of the design team responsible for it. Project eligibility depends on the status of the submitting architect as follows:

  • Any registered architect who is a member (assigned or unassigned) of AIA|DC may submit any architecture, interior architecture, or historic resource project completed or urban design/master planning project initiated after January 1, 2019
  • Any registered architect who is a member of another AIA chapter or who is not a member of the Institute may submit any architecture, interior architecture or historic resource project completed or urban design/master planning project initiated after January 1, 2019, located within Washington, DC.

For architecture, interior architecture, and historic resources, “completed” shall mean “substantially completed” as defined in standard AIA documents governing construction.

For urban design/master planning, “initiated” shall mean a completed or incomplete project, where a significant portion has been completed, implemented, or adopted by a local jurisdiction, authority, institution, or private client. Unimplemented urban design/master planning projects must have an actual, identifiable client and must not be academic projects or competitions.

If a project was given an Award or Jury Citation in the Architecture, Interior Architecture or Historic Resources categories in previous years, it is no longer eligible for a Chapter Design Award. If an Urban Design/Master Planning project was given an award in previous years, that project is no longer eligible to be considered in this or future awards programs. However, individual buildings in an urban design/master plan may be submitted under the architecture or historic resources category if not previously awarded as noted above.

If you have any questions about the eligibility requirements, please contact the AIA DC. AIA|DC shall have the sole authority to verify that eligibility requirements have been met.


A panel consisting of five jurors will review all submission categories. No juror shall be from the Washington area, and each shall be a qualified judge in their own right. Although most jurors will be practicing architects, some may be primarily employed as historians, educators, critics, urban designers, planners or preservationists. Jurors will be selected and/or approved by the AIA|DC Executive Committee. Each jury’s composition is at the Chapter’s discretion and shall not be subject to review.

The Jury will consider awards in all four categories and entries will be considered individually. The Jury may grant awards to as many projects it considers justified by the quality of the design. While the jury has the sole discretion to grant an award, the Chapter will instruct jurists to take into consideration the following:

  1. Design quality
  2. The context of working in a specific region. The DC context for example, creates unique opportunities and challenges.
  3. The Framework for Design Excellence topics described above.
  4. Project size, scale, or budget – modest projects may be significant, including single family residences or projects which display finely executed detail.

Click here for full submission details and requirements.