Initially established in 2001, demian\wilbur\architects was restructured by Eric Wilbur and Ziad Elias Demian in 2005. demian\wilbur\architects is an architecture and planning studio with the belief that architects, designers and planners are engaged, as a matter of course, in processes which yield places and products that touch people’s lives deeply. With this significant role within society comes a serious and consequential responsibility. This core belief guides our work on each project whether it is urban planning, a mixed-use development, an educational facility, a workplace, or hospitality, retail, or residential work. demian\wilbur\architects has positioned itself to pursue and design projects that create the best opportunities to build social connections and to fulfill this mission. We are a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) located in Capitol Hill, serving the greater Washington, DC market area while remaining active nationally as well as internationally. Each partner brings more than 20yrs international experience leading full service architecture, interior design and planning projects for government, commercial real estate, and corporate organizations.

Central to our design approach is a commitment that demian\wilbur\architects will work collaboratively to achieve our clients' stated goals. Our licensed designers and LEED accredited professionals draw on a wealth of prior experience and knowledge of the latest developments in workplace design to ensure the successful execution of a project. We also regularly conduct quality assurance and peer reviews aimed at providing our customers with highest standard of service possible.


We believe and operate in communitarian ethics. We believe in working towards involvement in projects that benefit communities. More so, we believe in being an active rather than a passive practice, which gives us the opportunity to be heavily involved in projects identified, pursued, and developed by communities. Bottom up Planning processes, by their nature, are primarily driven by real people who have genuine needs with clear objectives and a transparent agenda. Therefore, these projects are more viable since they have immediate and captive beneficiaries.

On the other hand, when a developer or a jurisdiction is the driver behind a project, we endeavor to play a positive role, and to find a way to engage the community as a resource rather than a challenge.